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Who Uses This Service?

It's Not Your Drinking It's Your Thinking...


  • Women who have a drinking problem but are not ready/willing to stop drinking

  • Women who are emotional drinkers 

  • Women who get told by family and/or friends that they're drinking too much

  • Women who want to take a break from alcohol for a while

  • Women who want to learn more about their own drinking habits came to be. 

It's Not Your Drinking...

It's Your Thinking!

Would love to learn how to control your alcohol?

Do you?

  • Wish you didn't have such long or chronic hangovers?

  • Want to make sure you never embarrass yourself with alcohol again?

  • Want to get your family to stop questioning you about your drinking? 

  • Want to make sure you never spiral into alcohol addiction?

  • Wonder why every time you try to change or stop drinking you fail?

How to can do this? Read On! 

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Who is

Valerie Farragher?

Hi I'm Valerie Farragher and this is a snapshot of my story


  • I was treated in 12 step addiction rehabs four times (and failed every time)

  • I went to Alcoholics Anonymous for ten years (and never got sober)

  • I use to drink up to a litre of vodka a day

  • I use to weigh 25 stone (350 lbs/158 kg)

  • I suffered chronic depression and anxiety

  • I use to smoked 30 cigarettes a day

  • My marriage had failed miserably

  • My children were worried and frustrated with about me


  • I now drink socially whenever I choose 

  • I've currently lost nine stone (126 pounds)

  • My mental health is great

  • I quit smoking 

  • My marriage is better than it's ever been

  • My children are very close to me and trust me 

To read more about my story click here

What I Do...

I'm an alcohol coach & consultant.


I can teach you how to change your drinking to a healthier drinking pattern or stop drinking (even for a while) 

This is done through a process called

"Solution Focused Harm Reduction" 

Solution-focused treatment means

Focusing on getting things under control and manageable. Working on helping your family understand what this process is.


Alcohol Harm Reduction means

"Being able to drink how you want without harming yourself or anyone around you" 

Most of my clients are women who can't or don't want to stop drinking for a variety of reasons. They have usually tried to slow down or stop drinking but hare often unsuccessful.


I developed this service for women who are having difficulties with alcohol and/or mental health and are looking for support to change their habits or get their lives back to how they felt before things started going wrong. 


I do this by using a combination of my own researched, tried and tested methods 

and I have added other successful approaches called Smart Recovery, Harm Reduction, Dual Diagnosis.


I believe women who drink to excess do so due to emotional reasons and not because they want to be difficult of a nuisance to their family, thus once a woman gets the support and treatment she needs or wants her drinking is more comfortable to manage. 

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How it works...

Services include

A selection of online courses to choose from to help you control your drinking and manage your lifestyle 

Videos on these courses are coming soon, until then if you require more information please feel free to phone or text me on 0872919098 or fill out the contact box and I'll get to you ASAP 

Dual Diagnosis; According to figures from the American Medical Association, up to 37% of people who abuse alcohol and 53% of people who abuse drugs also have at least one serious mental illness, and 29% of people diagnosed as mentally ill abuse either alcohol or drugs. A study by the UK Dept. of Health put the figures even higher, suggesting that 75% of users of drug services and 85% of users of alcohol services experienced mental health problems. 44% of mental health service users reported drug use. (Weaver et al., 2002)


Harm Reduction; For those who can’t/won't stop drinking then a safer drinking plan is put in place, so their drinking doesn’t harm them or anyone around them. An alcohol harm reduction strategy seeks pragmatic solutions to the harms that alcohol and alcohol policies cause. It has been said that alcohol harm reduction is not what's nice, it's what works. A harm reduction approach acknowledges that there is no ultimate solution to the problem of A.U.D (alcohol use disorder) in a free society and that many different interventions may work. Those interventions should be based on science, compassion, health and human rights.


Bio/Psycho/Social/Spiritual; Working on the complex interaction between the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual. From eating well, women's health (pregnancy, menopause etc..) managing mood and mental health, interacting socially with family, friends and work with positive results and grow, to meditation and mindfulness. Thus giving a holistic all-round approach to living well instead of “getting sober.” 

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Media Appearances

Moment Of Truth

Valerie talks openly & honestly to blathnaid ni coffey about how alcohol abuse went from a couple of bottles of wine a week to a liter of vodka a day.

Living With An Addict

Documentary covering three families including The Farragher Family. With all types of addictions from alcohol, drugs and gambling 

R.T.E. News 

Addiction specialist Dr Garrett McGovern talks about Valerie's failure to get well due to Dual Diagnosis  (mental health coupled with alcohol misuse) and why this happens to somany women.  


Jennifer Zamparelli talks with Valerie about SOBER OCTOBER. Get tips on starting and what to do if you find yourself struggling. 

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True Alcohol Addiction Is Uncommon


Alcohol Misuse Is Very Common

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