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Valerie Farragher

Valerie Farragher

Alcohol Coach

I was already a social drinker and busy mum of four when I discovered drinking at home gave me the energy boost I needed to get my daily tasks done and deal with life and all its challenges.

However, as much as I found drinking helpful I worried that there was something not right about why I drank. I sought help in AA and for me, things just got worse! the more I tried to stop drinking the more I drank and the more dangerous my drinking got. 

Fast forward ten years and four rehabs later I had gone from drinking a bottle or two of wine a week to a litre of vodka a day. I had also gone from smoking a few cigarettes once a week to thirty or more every day. 

My mental health was in a chronic state and I was packing on pounds like Santa Claus! 

Thankfully I got the help I need and got my drinking, mental health and weight to a better place. I'm still married to my husband and we now have five children and one grandson. 

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Siobhan Farragher


Siobhan holds BSc (Hons) Psychology from John Moore's University Liverpool. 

She grew up in an alcohol abusive home so is passionate about helping children and other family members cope with the emotional and daily struggles of living with a problem drinker

Siobhan is a volunteer working on Childline 

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