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Free 5 Day Basic

Alcohol Harm Reduction Course

Free Alcohol Harm Reduction Course 4 Women is a 5-day video-based training program that teaches smart, effective strategies to women who want more joy and less pain from their alcohol.

Whether you’re brand new to alcohol harm reduction or have already made your drinking safer or reduced your drinking you'll learn something here that will improve the quality of your body, mind, social wellbeing & soul.


My Free Alcohol Harm Reduction Course 4 Women is designed to help you avoid messy drinking mistakes while working on improving your aver health, environment, relationships and general wellbeing, after all, like I also say "people of sound mind don't get up and start drinking"  

Whose should sign up? 

  • Women who want to change their drinking habits 

  • Women who have a history of alcohol abuse in their family and want to avoid this happening to them

  • Women who want to be a better example to their children, grandchildren and other influential people in their lives





Attend A Workshop

Come along and spend a 1-day workshop or 3-day retreat with me 

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