Christmas Control

Learn how to manage your drinking over the Christmas Holidays 

What you'll learn

WEEK ONE (Mon 2nd Dec)

The psychology behind festive drinking and Why you (and lots of others) drink too much at Christmas

How to properly plan your Xmas and new year calendar so there are no drunk surprises 

How to get through your work Xmas party without making an ass of yourself 

WEEK TWO (Mon 9th Dec)

How to keep clear of the food/booze marketing trap so you don't end up overweight as well as hungover

How to avoid bad hangovers 

WEEK THREE (Mon 16th Dec)

The week of Christmas day. Keeping your shit while entertaining 

WEEK FOUR (Mon 23th Dec)

Clean up your mess

WEEK FOUR (Mon 30th Dec)

New years resolutions 

The time has come to clean up the mess and look at damage control for any blips or cockups you've made. Its time to prepare for a sober January

Week One Dec 1st 

1. The Psychology of alcohol marketing 

2. Plan, Plan, Plan...

1. How alcohol companies get you to drink more over the holidays 

2. Failing to plan is planning to fail and nothing is further from the truth when it comes to Christmas eating and drinking